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Thursday, July 28, 2011

iFaith is updated to v.1.2.1 solving a very serious bug that caused DFU loop

In recent days several users have encountered a serious bug iFaith using the iH8sn0w tool that can extract and save the certificates SHSH firmware not signed by Apple. As you know these certificates are essential if you want to perform restore procedures or downgrade (for example, from iOS 5 to iOS 4 or later) on the Apple mobile devices.

The most serious problem present in iFaith, now fixed with version 1.2.1, related to the entry into DFU iOS devices when loops proceeded with the creation of a firmware (. ipsw file). It was therefore a very serious problem indeed as the only solution that would restore the device.

So let's see what changes iFaith 1.2.1:

~Introduced compatibility with the iPod touch second generation (useful for users with MC);
~The creation of the firmware for iPod touch second generation is still under development;
~Fixed issue that caused the entry of the device in DFU mode when creating dell'IPSW;
~Fixed all compatibility issues with Windows XP;

The source code was released publicly on GitHub;

Not yet been found and published an exploit in the bootrom iPad 2, this program is not able to perform its basic function of this device.

iFaith is currently only available in versions for Windows and can be downloaded for free from the official page of iH8sn0w .

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