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Friday, July 29, 2011

IEEE Approves 802.22 Standard (aka Super Wi-Fi), the iPhone could connect up to 100 km away

Just at this time, the IEEE, an organization that regulates all the WiFi standard, has officially published the specifications of the next WiFi standard 802.22.

The particularity of this new generation of WiFi is that all devices that will implement a WiFi router can connect up to 100 km, with a speed of 22Mbps.

A considerable step forward compared to current standard, already present in many Apple devices, WiFi 802.11n. Apple has always been attentive to the new world of WiFi and has always been implemented by the new standards on their devices, so things should not change with the new 802.22.

But we must point out that the publication of the specifications of the WiFi standard does not coincide with its actual implementation and could take up to 2 or 3 years before we can actually see an enhancement / device with this technology.

Today, however, the Super WiFi has taken the first step towards the future and in a few years we could connect WiFi with the iPhone even at work or anywhere in our city and beyond.

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