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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Apple store introduce Volume Purchasing

Apple has announced Volume Purchasing for Business in the App Store. The new Volume Purchasing program will allow businesses and educational institutions to buy apps from the App Store in bulk and easily distribute them to employees.
This is great news for large corporations that need a more streamlined way to distribute their B2B (business-to-business) apps in the workplace. Apple is clearly making itself more compatible with the corporate world…
"Streamline your purchasing process and put more power and productivity in the hands of your workforce. Every paid app in the App Store is available for businesses to buy in volume through the program website. Simply search for the apps you need, enter the quantity you want to buy, and complete the transaction with your corporate credit card. Apps are available for purchase at the same price listed in the App Store."
Once a business is enrolled in this program, one button will be able to pay for and download all of the apps associated with the purchased volume. For businesses with specific B2B needs, internal apps can be distributed to employees through the same infrastructure in the App Store.
Head over to Apple's new webpage to learn more.

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