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Friday, July 1, 2011

After 5 Long Years the iPhone helps mother and daughter to find each other

The Loop contains a very touching story that has had as one of its protagonists the iPhone. Thanks to the iPhone by, in fact, it was possible for a mother and her daughter meet again after five long years.


The story of The Loop, and reported by various international magazines, takes place in China and starring an elderly lady who for the past five years has not heard from her daughter.

She sees and stops at first a passerby who used an iPad asking him to take a picture and post it online so that his daughter can recognize and understand in what place it is. Unfortunately, this turns out to be an iPad WiFi-only model and is therefore unable to connect to the Internet without the presence of a wireless network.

And here comes the iPhone. Realizing he can not satisfy the request of the woman pulls through his iPhone from his pocket 4, in this case with 3G connectivity, and shall take a picture and post it on the lady Weibo (Chinese alternative to Twitter).

After 5 years, retweets 100.00 (shares) and three days of intense searching, mother and daughter were reunited at last been able to act, even (perhaps especially) the iPhone!

Via - RazorianFly

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