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Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Personal Hotspot Feature" AT&T Will Officially Support on iOS 4.3

I think we all assumed that AT&T would support the iPhone’s Personal Hotspot feature that comes bundled with iOS 4.3, but its availability has been confirmed by an AT&T spokesperson.
As we informed you yesterday, iOS 4.3 will makes its way to the public on the same day that the iPad 2 is released.

AT&T spokesperson Seth Bloom has confirmed that the company’s Personal Hotspot support will go live once Apple makes iOS 4.3 available on March 11…
Unfortunately, using the Personal Hotspot feature will come at a price, as Bloom confirmed that ”…customers will need to subscribe to the DataPro 4GB/$45 tethering data plan.” That’s pretty comparable to what Verizon is charging to use the Hotspot feature.

That’s means it’s a whole lot of coin to be able to tether your laptop to your iPhone. If you’re a jailbreaker, I definitely recommend checking out MyWi on demand; it’s a bit pricey up front, but it’s only a one-time fee.


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