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Sunday, March 27, 2011

[Complete Guide] How to Manually Install Cydia 1.1.0

Moments ago Cydia 1.1.o was released with some awesome changes. After few minut people started to face problems due to the heavy load on the Server. So we came up with a solution for those who were facing problems can no manually Download Cydia 1.1.0 and enjoy the fun.

Below is a complete guide to how to install Cydia1.1.0 Manually.
Thing to Know Before Installing it:
1. Basic knowledge of SSH is required (Only for MAC)
2. A Computer and a Brain required.
3. To this whole procedure you will need to be Jailbroken on your iDevice.
Steps to Follow:
Download iFunbox from here for PC
Download Cyber Duck from Here for MAC OS X.
Download iFile From Cydia.
Download Cydia 1.1.0.Deb from here.
Connect your device when all the above requirements are fulfilled. Once connected open iFunbox or Cyber Duck.

Once you are in iFunbox navigate to raw File System and you will see the things like above. Paste the Cydia1.1.0.Deb any where you want.
When the .Deb file is in Close iFun box and and go to your iDevice and open iFile which you downloaded.
Now you can see the .deb file of Cydia. Now Press it and you will see many options like this.
Just press the INSTALL button and in no time the installation will start and you will have the new Cydia 1.1.0. when done just Reboot your iDevice and you will have new Cydia.
For MAC Coming up. 


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