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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Text’nDrive: Hands Free Email Message Reader for iPhone, Android & Blackberry.

I often say technology is meant to better human lives and the Apple iPhone is a case in point. Texting or talking on your cellphone while driving is a dangerous proposition. Thankfully, iPhone owners can use theText’nDrive app to do certain tasks while driving more safely. The idea is simple – provide features which help reduce the number of accidents caused by drivers. Sounds interesting and useful? Sure it is, and that’s perhaps the reason why Text’nDrive is now the 13th most downloaded free app on the US Appstore ahead of apps like Angry Birds Free, Facebook and Groupon App. Read on to know more about Text’nDrive.

A number of road accidents happen because texters take their eyes off the road, thereby increasing the risk of a collision. Text’nDrive uses an intelligent, multilingual text-to-speech technology allowing motorists to listen to texts and emails. Since their hands and eyes are firmly on the road, the app significantly reduces the probability of such accidents.
I had high hopes from Text’nDrive and I’m glad the app lived up to my expectations. The installation was pretty quick and it then prompted me to enter the mail address to be used. I used my Gmail address and it worked pretty well. If it doesn’t work for you, I’d recommend you choose the Advanced Settings option. I received a confirmation email which was almost instantaneously played out by the Text’nDrive app.  The app even lets you respond to an email by speaking and you can touch the screen to speed up the response process or just follow the voice prompts to do so completely hands-free.
The app is a blessing in disguise for texting addicts. If you don’t want to listen to a new message, just tap anywhere on the screen to stop playback. If you don’t want to reply to an email after it’s been read to you, just remain silent and the app intelligently detects that you don’t want to respond.
The app offers a high degree of flexibility – you can choose the appropriate volume level, turn Bluetooth on/off, add/ delete email accounts, configure the upper limit on the number of words to be read, checking interval, reading speed and a host of other useful settings.
Text’nDrive is compatible with all mobile carriers and with any hands-free device – speakerphone, wired and Bluetooth headset, and cars’ hand-free kit. It allows Text’nDrive allows workers and professionals to stay productive while being safer and more responsible drivers.
For iPhone Text’nDrive is available in free and paid ($9.99) versions. The pro version price may seem a little hefty for average users, but no price is too high for your safety while driving.
And for Android & Blackberry follow this Link.


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