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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ac1dRa1n by PwnDevTeam: New Jailbreak Tool for iOS 4.3

When you heard the name Ac1dra1n you must have thought that this Tool might be from GeoHot. Sadly no! This is a new tool which is made by a different Team called PwnDevTeam which is a new Dev team trying to keep the jailbreak tradition going beyond this generation of hackers. The tool will be One click, Just like greenpois0n, but it will supports iOS 4.3. They are using a little bit of Greenpois0n’s source,so that they can successfully execute their RAMDISKS.

When it will be released it will be Tethered as usual. It will also have the option for Qu1ckboot which will boot tethered with just a single Click.
The best thing about this tool will be that, when it will be released it will be out for Windows and MAC OS X both. Not like the other Jailbreaking tools which are out for MAC OS X First and then for Windows.
It will be looking fake to for the moment but you can follow them on Twitter iP4pwn. The important thing is that it will not work for iPad 2 because they say that they don’t got one. So lets see how success this tool gets.


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