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Thursday, March 17, 2011

If Personal Hotspot Is Missing After iOS 4.3 Upgrade, This is the Solution.

One of the most interesting features comes with iOS 4.3 is the introduction of Personal Hotspot for iPhone 4. Simply enable the feature and you can instantly turn your iPhone 4 into a portable wireless router that lets you create a WiFi hotspot and allows other WiFi-enabled devices (e.g. iPad) to gain 3G access anywhere.
Personal Hotspot for iPhone 4

Many of my friends have hurried to upgrade to iOS 4.3 so as to gain access to this lovely feature. I also upgraded my iPhone 4 to iOS 4.3 right after its debut. However it turned out I couldn’t find the personal hotspot option in Settings after the upgrade. The usual way to resolve technical issue is to reboot the device. Okay, I rebooted it and hope the option will appear. But I still couldn’t find the personal hotspot option after reboot.
I also tried other ways (e.g. re-sync the device) to resolve issue. It ends up you can easily bring back the personal hotspot option by a simple reset. In case you also find it missing after iOS 4.3 upgrade, give this solution a try.

Reset the Network Settings

Just go to Settings -> General. Scroll down to the bottom and select “Reset”. Tap on the “Reset Network Settings” option and confirm the reset. Your device will then be rebooted. Once it boots up, the personal hotspot option should appear in Settings.
iphone reset network settings
Oops! The Personal Hotspot is Still Missing!
Still missing the Personal Hotspot option? It’s likely your carrier doesn’t support Personal Hotspot or you have to pay extra to enable the support. You can refer to Apple’s Support page for a list of iPhone carriers that support Personal Hotspot (aka Internet Tethering in the support page).


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