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Thursday, March 17, 2011

FREE Promo Code For Premium Facebook Calling App “fone”

“fone” was formally known as “Facebook Messenger”. Now its “fone” and its updated as well. “fone” is a Voice Chat app that allows users to call their Facebook friends for free.

fone is created by Crisp App, which allow Make FREE VoIP calls with your Facebook friends wherever they are – iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or web. Delivering what is lacking with today’s Facebook chat functionality, fone is THE must-have app for Facebook users around the world. Additional features allow users to send pictures, browse message history, view a friend’s wall, use emoticons, receive instant replies with Apple push notifications, and setup sound notifications and multi-tasking support – all right from within the app.
This is a premium apps, available at iTune for $1.99 USD only. Crisp App was generous enough that they gave us 5 promo code for our user for free. So read till the end of the article for promo code.

Fone is a great way to get connected and stay in touch! Chat with millions of Facebook users – finally, a convenient Facebook Chat is now here for the iPhone and iPod Touch!
fone just got updated. Its name got changed from “Facebook Messenger”. And it has some chnages too. Check below

What’s New in Version 1.1

• The app name changed to fone
• New audio component with improved call quality
• Call quality indicator
Watch the demonstration video

Installation tips:
1. Add fone to your iPhone or iPod Touch. From the Application Icon, launch the app.
2. On the first launch, user will be prompted to do a Facebook login.
3. Login by typing your Facebook username and password.
4. The app will request for the necessary permissions – tap “Allow” for each of them.
5. Upon the login, user will see a list of their Facebook friends – both online and offline.
6. Clicking on any of the friends’ names will open chat with previous conversation history.
7. Clicking on the top right icon (see the picture above) will popup the “options” menu from where the user can initiate a call, send photos or close chat with their friend.
8. Tap the smile icon to the left of the message input field to insert emoticons.
9. When called from fone, the user’s Facebook friend will receive a link. By clicking on this link, the call will start.
Key Items to Consider:

A) How to place calls with fone – To place a call, open the conversation window with a contact and tap “Call.” Your contact will receive a link and to pick up your call they will need to follow that link. Note: it may take some time to follow the link, so please be patient. Please also note that it is possible that your contact’s browser does not implement Flash Player plug-in. In this case your contact will not be able to pick up your call.

fone is just $1.99 USD at iTune –

Here is 2 Promo code for very first user.


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