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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jailbreakers Stay Away!: ASLR in iOS 4.3 Breaks Mobile Substrate

Just a quick heads-up! thebigboss is issuing a warning for entire iPhone community not to update to upcoming iOS 4.3 firmware as it tends to break the mobile substrate (saurik’s extension for SpringBoard), and jailbreak tweaks like winterboard, sbsettings, bitesms, folder enhancer, Five Icon Dock will no longer work. Wait until stable “Official Jailbreak” is out!

With 4.3 comes Apple’s implementation of address space layout randomization (ASLR). In short, this will mess up the way mobile substrate works. You will need a new mobile substrate in order to use your favorite tweaks such as winterboard, sbsettings, bitesms, folder enhancer, etc. So you should definitely avoid 4.3 until an “official” jailbreak is released for it. Of course we will announce when that is right here.
Make sure, you do not update your device to iOS 4.3 and wait, till it is safer to jailbreak. In addition to it, the update seems to accompany ASLR method which randomizes the memory locations, making it difficult for an attacker to predict target addresses. It even makes iOS devices harder to jailbreak.


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