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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hackers have Discovered New Exploit to Unlock iPhone 4 Permanently

iPhone Dev Team have discovered a new exploit that might unlock your iPhone 4 permanently. The new exploit can be used to bruteforce crack the unique NCK key on the device. NCK unlock code is said to be of just 40 bits. Being conceptual and in incipient stage, the exploit might take long time before it is fully baked for primetime usage.
The exploit the got now gives you enough information to bruteforce crack your unique NCK key -> gives you an (official) permanent unlock.
NCK is a theoretical exploit which involves brute forcing the NCK from the seczone the CHIPID and the NORID.  It cracks the unique NCK key of the device and provides a permanent unlock for the baseband. So far no one has made public an instance of NCK discovery using this theoretical approach. The foundation of this exploit was laid by Geohot but will be taken forward by iPhone Dev Team.
To those patiently ignoring all the chatter from “promises” we never made comes a jewel: NCK unlock code is just 40 bits!
(if turns out to be true, it’s unexpected surprise for those w/vuln BB’s. All the data is there for 40-bit brute force)
Most of the iPhone users are perplexed about what does these tweets mean to them, the real situation or the real status for unlocking iPhone 4 on baseband 02.10.04, 03.10.01, and 04.10.01. 


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