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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Unofficial Cydia 1.1.2 Released [Update: Saurik- "users should stay away"]

Cydia 1.1.2

Cydia, the standard application for managing unauthorized iOS apps and modifications, has received an unofficial update today to version 1.1.2. Although it doesn't contain a release log, it's said to have fixed several graphical bugs in iOS 5 and be slightly snappier. Stick around to find out how to load Cydia 1.1.2 on your iOS device today.

You'll Need:

  1. A jailbroken iOS device running Cydia (iOS 4.3.3 tutorial | iOS 5 tutorial). If you've jailbroken your device through normal means, you're likely set.
  2. iFile & Safari Download Manager installed on your device.

Install using iFile:

Installing the new version of Cydia using iFile is the most efficient method, and the only one if you don't have a computer around. Here's how to do it:

  1. Open up Mobile Safari from your device and point it to this link.
  2. Follow the on-screen download instructions and select "Open with iFile" when you see a prompt.
  3. Click "Install".
  4. Respring or restart your phone.

Once you've followed the above steps, you should be able to launch the new version of Cydia.

Using SSH or iPhoneExplorer:

This method can be used by those who aren't willing to purchase iFile. Although slightly more difficult, it should be pretty easy to understand for most users. Just follow the steps below:

  1. From your computer, download the new version of Cydia from here (it's the same as the link above).
  2. Connect your device to your computer and launch iPhoneExplorer (download link). Point it to /private/var/root and place the file you've just downloaded in that directory.
  3. Respring or restart your phone. Once you've done this, Cydia should automatically update in the background.

Cydia is definitely the most popular package manager for iOS, second to the official App Store of course. Since its inception in 2008, it has become the standard way to manage unofficial iOS Apps and tweaks. Over the last few months, Saurik, Cydia's developer, has worked hard to address many of the performance issues users have experienced. This new release takes another step towards fully fixing these problems, and begins the effort to make the software fully compatible with iOS 5, as speculated by @DinoD7, author of popular jailbreaking tutorials on YouTube:

There was no changelog to view but the assumption is that it includes some bug fixes and overall speed improvements. There's a high likelihood that this release is one of the first steps of Cydia in its preparation for the release of iOS 5.

UPDATE: Saurik has left a comment on iPhoneDownloadBlog, warning users to stay away from this unofficial update.

Saurik commented on this post and basically said this is not an update and you should stay away from Cydia 1.1.2:

This /purposely-unreleased/ version of Cydia has only one major change in it (and four tiny things, only one of which is user-visible: the keyboard thing under Search): a modification to "stashing" (the step where your filesystem is rearranged during the initial jailbreak process) made for comex, who recently has been talking about his new platform for handling these things.

This change has not been tested on devices that are already jailbroken (well, I did a cursory test for 2 minutes, but that was all), and users upgrading to this version of Cydia do so at their own peril: Cydia might end up in a "permanent re-stash" loop, or force a stash when the user has purposely previously tricked the mechanism not to (leading to a corrupted filesystem).

In short, stay away from that. Sorry for the confusion.

Post from my iPad 2


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