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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hack iWork to Work on iOS 4.2.1

iWork is only compatible with iPhone updated to iOS 4.3 or higher. In this guide we will see how to install the productivity suite, Apple also on iOS 4.2.1.

First download from the iTunes one of the iWork suite of 3 applications , so let's go find the file. ipa app in our computer, such as Mac is located in UserName / Music / iTunes / Mobile Applications , and copy the file on the desktop. Time:
Change the extension from. IPA. Zip so you can browse the archive
  • Extract the file will get more
  • Enter the folder until you get to Payload (XXXXX name of one of 3 choice of iWork app)
  • With Windows, simply click to enter, the Mac will need to right click and then click "Show Package Contents"
  • Inside the folder, change the following file Info.plist (with a text editor or with Property List Editor on Mac) as an alternative you can also copy this file Info.plistand edit it on the iPhone simply iFiles (Cydia).
  • DTPlatformBuild substitute in 9Z999
  • MinimumOSVersion substitute in 4.2.1
  • Save the changes to the file and selecting all files in the second paragraph of the guide inseriamoli in a new archive.
  • Without this we must change the file extension from. Zip and. Ipa
  • Drag the file into iTunes and sync your iPhone
Now iWork will also work on 4.2.1 ios.

Thanks Umberto!


  1. you can also install it with ifunbox if your device is jailbroken.

  2. thanx for you for your Comment Anony two, i have tried with iFunbox and it works fine