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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Microsoft Endorse ChevronWP7 Labs for Windows Phone 7

Unlike what has been done by Apple, Microsoft has decided to officially approve the first tool that will jailbreak the Windows Phone 7.With this tool, you can run the jailbreak Windows 7 Phone and install new types of applications that are not present on the Microsoft store.To embrace the service, however, at least initially LGI users must pay a small fee to help developers to support the tool for the jailbreak.

Microsoft then marries a policy quite different from that Apple decided to approve the jailbreak tool. Apple , however, despite the jailbreak has been deemed "legal" by the U.S. Congress, still does not officially approve the various tools, looking of blocks in each update.

This, says Apple, is made especially for security issues, since the jailbreak the device makes it much more vulnerable.In addition, approving the jailbreak, will approve hundreds of untested applications, many of which are not always stable.


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