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Friday, June 10, 2011

Surprise! Apple Has Also Built Social Contact Integration With Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn and Myspace Into iOS 5

iOS 5 is known for its system-wide Twitter integration, but according to a developer who's tested the Beta 1 out, the new iOS also integrates with other social networks, such as Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn and yes, even MySpace.

iOS 5

While integration with other services is generally functional, it doesn't come without a few problems: for example, MySpace doesn't display all social fields in some instances. That's to expect from a pre-release system though, still in a relatively early testing stage. It's still unclear why Apple hasn't mentioned that iOS 5 would communicate with services other that Twitter, but my theory would be that they were still too buggy to show off on Monday, therefore the company decided to leave them out of the announcement completely.

iOS Social Integration


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1 comment:

  1. why can't I find this in my settings ?
    Twitter is there, fully integrated.. but nothing else.