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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Skype for iPad Coming this Tuesday!!!

It's real! Yes, Skype for iPad is coming this Tuesday. As per common sense, the first-gen iPad will support the video option on Skype for iPad, due to the absence of camera but just like the desktop version of Skype, the original iPad will still be able to receive video, despite the absence of camera. Video conferencing through Skype will be possible through both the cameras on iPad 2. The user interface for chatting isn't quite as elegant as you'd expect for an iPad app, but rather perceptive. With smooth chats over 3G and WiFi, the app shows Contacts are on the left hand side and text messages on its opposite.


"During our preliminary tests today, we made calls over Wi-Fi to an iPhone 4 (3G) and to Skype on a desktop computer with a hard line. Wi-Fi video calling to the desktop produced the best quality on both ends, with high image resolution and video that was mostly smooth; there was only a slight delay. During a call, our friends notices almost no difference in video quality when we switched between the front- and rear-facing iPad 2 cameras; they told us that both images had sharp edges and nothing looked especially blurred.

We were also able to easily send and receive chat messages while a video call was connected, although the chat window and keyboard obscured almost the entire image, and we had to manually close the keyboard when we were done so we could see the video again, a slight inconvenience."

Post from my iPad 2


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