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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bluefire Reader to Read DRM-Protected eBooks on iPhone and iPod Touch

Bluefire Reader is an application for reading and storing e-book formats. epub and. pdf on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad that, unlike the competing applications, is able to handle the DRM and therefore allows Adobe Apple also read books on digital devices purchased from different shops iBook Store.
The interface is simple, intuitive, and looks like iBooks, although there is a wooden bookshelf, the books are cataloged and sorted by those read recently, the title and author. Bluefire Reader allows you to purchase books from many other digital stores and allows you to import (via iTunes File Sharing) and read. Epub and. Pdf protected by DRM.

NOTICE : The closure of Bluefire Reader on Jailbroken iPhone and iPad causes a freeze of the device, be solved only with a forced restart of the device, you run by holding down the Sleep and Home buttons.

Bluefire Reader download it free from the App Store by following this link

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