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Sunday, June 19, 2011

QuickGoogle: Cydia Tweak Lets You Search Google from Anywhere on iPhone

Normally you can only access Google Search in Safari. Wouldn’t be great if you can invoke Google Search from anywhere on your iPhone? There is now a tweak for that.

QuickGoogle is a recent tweak released on cydia that lets you do a quick search on Google from anywhere of your device. It’s not a standalone app. So you won’t find any new icon after installing the tweak.
To use QuickGoogle, just install the tweak from Cydia and go to Activator in Settings. Simply select “Anywhere” in Activator and select your preferred action for launching QuickGoogle. Let’s say you want to invoke QuickGoogle when double-tapping status bar. Then you can select “Double Tap” in status bar section, followed by enabling “QuickGoogle”.

You’re free to choose other gestures or actions (such as shake your device, double-pressing sleep button) to bring up QuickGoogle.
Using QuickGoogle

Once you configure QuickGoogle in Activator, you can fire it up with the registered action (e.g. double-tap status bar) and search using Google.

It’s a very handy tweak. I recommend you to check it out if you’re looking for some quick search solutions. Best of all, the tweak is completely free for download.


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