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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit: Photo Transfer From Camera to the iPad a Bit Faster

Transfer Photos with iPad camera connection kitSo you've always wondered there should be something that can make the photo transfer from your camera to the iPad a bit faster than what it takes to do it through iTunes. No worries, there's this Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit to make your life easier! This is actually a hardware accessory that lets you connect a SD card into your iPad or let's you plug your camera in to your iPad straight, using a USB. No computer in between the transfer is required. It's between your camera and iPad now. Sense the ease?

Here's the how-to guide for you:

Step 1

Get the Camera Connection Kit at or Apple Store

Step 2

Opt for the suitable connector. The kit includes two connectors with different interfaces. You can connect to your camera directly via the USB interface. Or simply insert the SD card into the connector with SD card reader.

Step 3

Connect Camera Connection Kit to your iPad.

iPad Camera Connector

Step 4

The Photos app on your iPad device will start up and fetch the pictures from your SD card / camera automatically.

iPad Photos Camera

Step 5

You'll see the "Import All" button. Tap it to import all photos from the SD card. Else you do have the option to choose which images you wish to transfer, on an individual basis and then, go for the "Import Selected" option.

iPad - Import Photos from Camera

Step 6

Once you're done with the importing of photos, you are prompted with a choice whether to keep or delete the imported photos on your camera/ SD card as backup.

iPad - Import Photo Complete

Step 7

Now disconnect the Camera Connection Kit.

That's it! You have them transferred and you can find the imported photos in the "Last Import" album.

iPad - Photos Last Import Album

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