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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


1:47PM "So that's iCloud and I'd like to ask Phil Shiller to join us here."

1:47PM Interestingly it's a white iPhone 4 being used. So, it's obviously not going anywhere if it's in this commercial, right?

1:46PM Looking at an iCloud commercial, buying a little Jill Scott online and downloading it to your iPhone easily. Sharing documents, picking up changes to documents, sharing photos... you know the drill.

1:45PM But, that's only in the US... they're "working hard" to bring Match to other countries.

1:45PM iCloud ships on October 12th, iTunes Match goes live at the end of the month.

1:45PM $24.99 a year for all this goodness. "And that's iTunes Match."

1:44PM You can stream your entire library by just tapping on it, playlists too.

1:44PM This scans your library, adds all the good stuff that iTunes has to add, and uploads anything that isn't in iTunes already.

1:43PM Eddy is talking about adding the "same benefits" of iTunes purchased music to music you've bought elsewhere.

1:43PM Now talking iTunes Match.

1:43PM iCloud is free for iOS 5 and Lion users. 5GB of online data free, but you can buy more if you want.

1:42PM And, there are parental controls too -- no creepy stalkers iStalking.


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