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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


1:42PM Invite your friends to share for a few hours while they're driving to your pad, so when they call you lost you can more easily re-route them.

1:42PM You can invite friends to share their location for a limited time, which is an interesting feature.

1:41PM Perhaps you can tell their longitude and Latitude, from this application.

1:41PM You can quickly and easily see the locations of those who've opted to share their location with you.

1:41PM Oh, something new! Find My Friends.

1:40PM There's a daily backup from iCloud too, contacts across all devices, calendar events.

1:40PM Lots of wonderful things to be found in these clouds.

1:40PM Apps, too, are easily re-downloaded thanks to iClouds, books too.

1:39PM Documents in the Cloud means your docs get pushed as well. "My documents are updated across my devices." Sensing a trend here...

1:38PM Now it's photos time. "Your photos are now on your camera roll, and you wish they were on all of your devices." Pictures go up to the cloud from your iPhone and then get shot out to all your other devices.

1:37PM Eddy's reminding that you can download and re-download your music or media anytime and on any device.

1:37PM Having more WWDC flashbacks. Is this Moscone? What day is it?

1:36PM It's recap time again... we're talking iTunes in the Cloud.

1:36PM "It just works, and iCloud is free."

1:36PM "We've integrated it right into our apps, so everything happens automatically."

1:36PM Eddy Cue is up on stage now to talk about iCloud.

1:35PM Get your downloads going.

1:35PM iOS 5 drops on October 12th!

1:34PM Now Scott's recapping the PC Free feature, so you can activate your device without plugging in. "There's no need for a computer." And, you can get wireless iOS updates.

1:34PM We're having WWDC flashbacks. Anybody else?

1:34PM Mail updates now, adding rich formatting. Indentation, moving addresses around, flagging them... this is all really exciting stuff here.

1:33PM Full tabbed browsing is coming to the iPad, so you can go between them with one tap instead of two.

1:33PM Syncs between iOS devices -- save once, read everywhere.

1:33PM You can add it to your reading list and hit it up later.

1:33PM Now Safari updates, talking about the reader function that strips out all the junk and pulls things into a single, readable page. "This works great on the iPad, it's fantastic on the iPhone."

1:32PM Now Game Center, updated to add photos of friends, achievement points, friend recommendations...

1:31PM And, you can use volume up to take a photo. Not a proper shutter release, but it'll do.

1:31PM We're looking at the updated Camera app now. "We're making it really easy to get to the camera and take a photo." Double-tap on the home button and, bam, you can take a pic.

1:30PM Background downloads for new issues -- hey, that sounds like Distro. Which is coming soon, by the way...

1:30PM GQ, Allure, Vanity Fair, The New York Times... lots of periodical powerhouses.


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