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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


1:21PM iPad is the "undisputed" #1 tablet in the world. Tim says "everybody and their brother" is trying to compete, but three quarters of all tablets sold are iPads.

1:21PM 92 percent of Fortune 500 companies are testing or deploying companies. They're not saying what they're doing with them, but they're at least buying 'em.

1:20PM iPads, iPads everywhere. iPads, iPads in your hair.

1:20PM "Over 80 percent of the hospitals in the US are now testing or piloting iPad."

1:20PM A 40 pound flight book replaced by a single iPad, making things more efficient.

1:19PM But it's not just grade schools. Colleges too, and now we're looking at flight manuals.

1:19PM That's a lot of iPads -- and a lot of peanut butter smeared on screens.

1:19PM Every state in the US has an iPad deployment program either in place or in pilot. 1,000 schools have a 1:1 program.

1:18PM iPads are "showing up everywhere" according to Tim. In schools they're "changing the way teachers teach and kids learn, and many educators agree with us."

1:18PM Now we're talking iPad. Apple's youngest category.

1:17PM Oh you tease you.

1:17PM "More coming up on iPhone..."

1:17PM Does this mean a low-end iPhone is coming today?

1:17PM Tim's showing us now that the iPhone is five percent of the overall mobile phone market. "We look at it over time that all handsets become smartphones."

1:17PM According to a ChangeWave survey, HTC is second at 49 percent. Apple is #1 at 70.

1:16PM "Customers love iPhone, and it's consistently rated #1 in every satisfaction rating I can find."

1:16PM 125 percent growth year-over-year for iPhone sales.

1:15PM The iPhone 4 now makes up half of the overall iPhone market, showing just how strongly the market is growing.

1:15PM That's a safe bet, Tim.

1:15PM "Next up is iPhone. This could be the reason why the room is so full today."

1:15PM It's the number one music store in the world, 16 billion songs downloaded.

1:14PM iTunes talk, now up to 20 million songs -- twenty times what the service launched with.

1:14PM Amazingly, almost half are going to people buying their first iPod.


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