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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


1:29PM And now Newsstand.

1:29PM Twitter integration "we have integrated Twitter deeply into the OS." No more signing in multiple times, and you can share pics right from Photos.

1:28PM Now the Reminders app. Yep, reminders. Location-aware, though, which will bug you when you're near what you need to do.

1:28PM Pushed to all devices, so you can holla from your iPhone and get a shout back on your iPad.

1:28PM Then there's iMessage -- BBM for iOS, basically.

1:27PM Swipe across any and it'll take you right there. Bam.

1:27PM There's notifications, visible from the top by swiping down -- ala Android. No more annoying popups from Tiny Tower.

1:27PM We're looking at the top 10 features of iOS 5.

1:27PM "We've already seeded 100,000 developers, and they love it. We can't wait to get it in other peoples' hands."

1:26PM "Let's talk about iOS 5."

1:26PM Email is still free, people, and it's the thought not the cardstock that counts.

1:26PM $2.99 for a card in the US, $4.99 elsewhere in the world.

1:26PM That got applause. People seem desperate to clap for something. That was it.

1:25PM Apple will print it and even mail it automatically and you'll even get a push notification for when the card is delivered.

1:25PM Hallmark, you just got served.

1:25PM Real, honest to gosh cards. You pick the pic, Apple prints it out.

1:24PM We're looking at the Cards app, which lets you make your own greeting cards.

1:24PM Apple has paid out $3 billion to developers -- and of course has taken a tidy cut itself.

1:24PM Yeah, with a B.

1:24PM Customers have download 18 billion apps -- more than a billion per month.

1:23PM "All of this together makes the App Store the number one store for mobile apps."

1:23PM More than 500,000 apps in the App Store, 140,000 are specifically for the iPad. "That gives anyone who owns an iPad a better experience."

1:23PM iOS is now the number one mobile operating system, 43 percent compared to Android's 33 percent as of the July ComScore number Apple is quoting.

1:22PM Scott Forstall is up now.

1:22PM That's 250 million iPhones, iPods, iPads, etc.

1:22PM "We have passed the quarter of a billion sales mark" for iOS devices.


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