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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


2:01PM I'll let you come up with your own joke about that line.

2:01PM It will make "even better call quality."

2:01PM "Our engineering system has worked really hard at advancing the state of the art... it can now intelligently switch between the two antennas between transmit and receive."

2:00PM Next new feature: "the wireless sytem"

2:00PM Phil's addressing the battery life, and the 4S will offer eight hours of 3G talk time. Six hours of browsing, nine on WiFi. 10 hours of video, and 40 hours of music. "Fantastic battery life."

2:00PM Phil is back up. "That's a great example of what you're going to get out of the brand new iPhone 4s."

1:59PM Will be available December 1st.

1:59PM Infinity Blade is "only going to run like this on the iPhone 4s. Why? Because it's awesome."

1:59PM The demo-meister is pretending to be having a hard time beating up the big guy, but it's all a show. He just gave him the slice and dice treatment.

1:58PM Game definitely looks quite good, reflections and self-shadowing are in effect.

1:58PM A big, mean dude I should point out.

1:58PM You can now use two swords as we slice the crap out of some big dude in a mask.

1:57PM Applause for the fish. Fish and cartoon mice: very popular in this room.

1:57PM Leaves and firefly in the air, coy swimming in the pod.

1:57PM This is using some graphical techniques from the latest God of War.

1:57PM We're going after the creator of the Infinity Blade. This is a realtime demo, by the way.

1:56PM "We're going to show you some graphics techniques that aren't even available on home gaming consoles."

1:56PM Epic made $20 million in revenue on Infinity Blade. Now, it's time to see Infinity Blade 2!

1:56PM Naturally games are a big part, and Mike Capps from Epic is up on stage to show off a demo.

1:55PM It's up to 2x faster than before, with dual-core graphics, which are said to be seven times faster than previous iPhone.

1:55PM It has the A5 chip!

1:55PM "Of course it starts with a Retina display, of course it's glass on the back... but don't be deceived, because inside it's all new."

1:54PM "I'm really pleased to tell you today about the brand new iPhone 4S."

1:54PM Phil's reminding us it's #1 in the world...

1:54PM "Despite competitors trying really hard to copy the iPhone 4, they haven't really been able to come close."

1:54PM Next: iPhone.

1:53PM "So that's iPod, and the iPod lineup. We love music, and we're going to continue making the world's best music players."

1:53PM 8GB is now $199, 32GB for $299, 64GB for $399. Available on october 12th.

1:52PM There's a white version coming! "It's gorgeous."

1:52PM "Wherever you are, this amazingly thin iPod can have access to all of your music, all of your books."

1:52PM "iOS 5 is a tremendous upgrade for the iPod touch, and so is iCloud."

1:51PM And, of course, it's running iOS 5. Phil is talking about how iMessage changes the way people use that device.

1:51PM Now talking iPod touch. Phil is reminding us that it's the most popular portable gaming device.

1:51PM Price drop!

1:50PM $149 for 16GB and $129 for 8GB.

1:50PM There's a Mickey Mouse watch, too. More applause, applause for Mickey.

1:50PM Some cool ones, roman numerals, classic LCD style, color-coordinated with the shell.

1:49PM Phil's talking about watch accessories, "we thought that was really fun." So, there are 16 new clock faces. "Why not, right?"

1:49PM There's an "improved fitness experience" -- you can now go on a walk or a run "right out of the box." No extra sensors required. That goes to Nike+ No more shoe dongles.

1:48PM "We've added some updates this year." Multi-touch display can be displayed with big icons, instead of an array of four. Swipe between them, "it's really simple."

1:48PM Phil's talking about the iPod nano, a "really fun way to enjoy music wherever you are."


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