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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Turn iDevices in a digital terrestrial TV for mobile TV Tizi

You are the ones that you can not help but watch TV wherever you are? From now you can use Tizi Mobile TV on the iPhone.

The Equinox has put on the market Tizi Mobile TV. This is a decoder for digital TV for free channels in Europe.

the operation is very simple. First we have to download the application on the App Store to install it on our iPhone and iPod Touch.
Once installed the application, we will not have to do is turn the ragtag and tap into the WiFi network will be detected by iDevices.
The decoder is equipped with a high-performance ARM processor 9. The company declares a usage time of 3 hours, thanks to the management of savings Energit that turns off the guys in when not in use.

Tizi Mobile TV is available for purchase on site at a price of 147 €.sass

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