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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Surname Origin: the history and origin of your surname

Want to know the history of your surname? There is an app for this and his name is "Source Name", created by Heraldrys Institute of Rome. Free and within seconds you will discover the history and origins of your surname.

Discover the origins and history of your surname has never been so easy. Just download the app it "Surname Origins" and make a brief search. Unfortunately, however, will see only a part of history. To read the rest of you are invited to log on to the site proposed by the APA, which will be put back on your last name and an e-mail.

The following features offered by the APA:

Over 200,000 foreign and Italian surnames
Search intuitive name
Accurate information on the history and origins
Coat of arms of the House
Graphical interface and stunning high definition for iPhone 4
Ability to request a free search if the name is not in the database
Ability to request a complete and accurate research on the surname

NOTE: The application provides excerpts extracted automatically by the computer system, heraldic research, in fact, can not do without human intervention and therefore, if you decide to entrust the execution of a search, these same extracts could be expanded, modified, deleted to make room, for example, news of major importance and in any case returned to the coherence of a story with a beginning and an end to care for our Study Centre.

You can simply download the application by clicking here: Link App Store - Free Price .

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