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Monday, August 8, 2011

GroupTones {Cydia Tweak}

If you’ve gone through the process of dividing your contacts into groups on your iPhone, you’ll love this next jailbreak utility. Though there’s not a direct way to create groups on your device, you can create them on your Mac or PC and sync them using iTunes.

GroupTones allows you to assign specific ringtones for each of those groups, so you can tell callers apart without looking at your phone. This would help you to instantly identify if the person calling you is a friend, a co-worker, or one of your kid’s playmates…

The nice thing about GroupTones is that it installs directly into your Phone app, and can be accessed from the Groups panel. The tweak works with local, MobileMe and Google Contact groups, and it also supports FaceTime calls.

The iPhone lets you customize ringtones for each contact, but that can get tedious if you have a lot of numbers for. I obviously wouldn’t recommend this for someone who doesn’t use groups, but for those that do this might be a great find. GroupTones will run you $2.99 in the Cydia Store.

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