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Monday, August 1, 2011

Adobe Edge: Motion and Interaction Design for HTML5

One of the real Achilles heel for our iDevice has always been, as you all probably agree, the inability to play Flash animations. Today, however, perhaps the situation seems to have changed, at least in part, through the introduction of the Edge, a tool created by Adobe, can develop animation in all respects comparable to those of Flash-based but HTML5.

As noted earlier, Adobe Edge works natively with HTML, allowing users to add animation to existing HTML documents without altering the structure or layout based on CSS. Users also can import graphics for web standards such as SVG, PNG, JPG, GIF, shaping them through the use of CSS3, create visually rich content from scratch, with drawing tools that produce family-style HTML elements with CSS 3 .

The design phase (the workspace in the Edge) uses WebKit to allow the design of content, previews. The timeline provides advanced techniques to increase productivity and accuracy in creating animations and allows users to define and customize the movements applied to HTML elements, as specified by Adobe.

"What I like about Edge is that it harbors a familiar timeline to many Flash developers through the new world of HTML 5, JavaScript, allowing developers to HTML and JavaScript to make things more complex," said Al Hilwa, IDC analyst specializing in software development applications. "Edge is not only intended for kids to create fun projects, but also to serious designers who can use it to create applications with a complex animations certainly remarkable."

The content created with the Edge are designed not only to run on browsers like Safari, Chrome and Firefox, but also to be viewed on mobile devices like iPhone OS, Android, BlackBerry Playbook, WebOS and HP.

Adobe Edge is immediately available worldwide for both Mac and Windows via a free download on Adobe Labs . Additional information is available at Adobe's website . For proper use of the Mac, you need the 10.6 or 10.7 versions of OS X.

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