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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Shots Of Possible Apple-Branded Micro USB Cable

Rumor: First Shots Of Possible Apple-Branded Micro USB Cable

We find it mighty difficult to classify this accumulated information.After much back and forth we finally decided to publish the photos embedded below and simply enter the cable-free discussion.
At least two accessory suppliers are currently preparing the launch of Micro USB cables with Apple branding. Pre-production models are being passed around.Whether the date is not obtainable in one of the cables coming next-generation iPhone or iPod for use can be excluded at present still not fully answered in the affirmative. From the belly out, we consider the use of micro-USB adapters for very realistic, but that may not mean anything.

At least one option moves us when looking at the micro-USB port at once in the head: the industry-wide, mid-June 2009 approval of the adoption of a manufacturer-independent ADAT charger for mobile phones. A project that belongs next to LG, Motorola and Samsung and Apple.


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