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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Track Your iPhone with iGotYa 1.1 [Cracked]

iGotYa is a great security application for the iPhone, which enables several security features when the user makes a mistake to 3 times the password you set. Let's see what it is.

igotya theft iphone

The application, when the user enters an incorrect password 3 times, it automatically sends the GPS location to the email address entered during installation. In addition, a photo will be taken automatically by the camera on the iPhone front 4 (or through the back for previous generations).
Finally, you can also set a text that will be shown to those who are using - without permission - the owner of the iPhone.

The application is available through the following repository:
 Download the deb: net.mobileinnova.igotya_1.1.deb


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