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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Huge update coming to redsn0w soon

iPhone Dev-Team has announced that RedSn0w is getting a major update very soon. Musclenerd of the dev team has tweeted screenshots of the upcoming new version of RedSn0w, which clearly shows cool new features.As seen in the screenshots below, this major RedSn0w release will eliminate the Step where you browse the IPSW file. In this new version, it automatically fetches the important pieces directly from Apple (and caches them so that it never needs to re-fetch them again). It also supports beta firmwares(but you need to give it the IPSW yourself the first time, then it caches it).

Other new features in this upcoming RedSn0w update includes the Recovery Fix to get out of recovery mode, SHSH Blobs to Fetch, verify or use SHSH Blobs, and a new preferences button
Musclenerd also tweeted that the update will be out by Monday before his trip to South Korea. Knowing the way the Dev Team works, This Sunday should be the “Funday”.


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