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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to recalibrate the iPhone Home button faulty [GUIDE]

How many of you have had problems with the Home button IOS devices? I know a lot 'of people complaining about this problem. Let's see what is the solution. At times it was indeed a hardware problem and you need to bring your device for repair. Other times, however, is a software problem and can be solved in a few easy steps.

1. Open any application on your iPhone
2. Press the Power button for several seconds (up to bring up the red slide to power off the device)
3. Release the Power button do not slide off the red
4. Now hold the Home button will not change until the faulty screen and return to the springboard
5. The Home button is now re-calibrated and fully functional.

Remember that this procedure is effective only if it's a software issue, not hardware.

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