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Sunday, September 18, 2011

MuscleNerd visited the Apple campus

It seems incredible, but within a few months three known personalities from the world of the jailbreak, in particular, a developer and two attackers, have been in contact with Apple and began working together in some way with the Cupertino company.

If you add these also GeoHot hours on the staff of Facebook , the number of Jailbreakers who left the scene rises to four. The first was Peter Hajas, a developer of mobile Notifier, hired by Apple just before the presentation of iOS 5. Then Comex, which began an internship at the California offices of Apple. Finally, today's news, even MuscleNerd, historical Jailbreakers who recently visited the company's Cupertino campus.

The same MuscleNerd he posted on Twitter the image shown just above, in which, instead of his real name, you can observe the presence of the famous nickname. But what was he doing in Apple headquarters in Cupertino? Simple courtesy call or there is something below? Some people assumed, in fact, that the hacker has gone to the U.S. in Cupertino to discuss with some executives about his future employment as an employee of the company.

"If you can not beat Them, Join Them." Beginning to take on all the major members of the underground scene, Apple has finally found a way to block a final jailbreak?

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