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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Joypad brings iOS gaming to Apple TV via iDevices

There’s no doubt that Apple’s iPhone and iPad have revolutionised gaming, bringing touch-enabled titles to our smartphones and tablets that we simply cannot put down.
However, many iOS device owners still like their console games and clamour for titles can deliver a gaming experience via a joypad. If you own an iPhone, you may have been aware of the Joypad app, a small utility that turns your Apple smartphone into a NES-style control pad, allowing you to play games on your Mac, PC or iPad using your iPhone.

The Joypad team have been working to port their SDK to other iOS devices and have just released a new SDK which allows Apple device owners to – wait for it – play iOS games on their Apple TV via their iPhone and iPad.
Granted, you will need to own each of these devices but with the magic of Airplay, Joypad extends games played on your iPad to your television – wirelessly – giving you complete control from your sofa via its iPhone application.
The beauty of the Joypad SDK is that it can be incorporated into any iOS game on the App Store, providing application developers with the option to make their games Apple TV compatible with simple code tweaks.
If you find yourself playing more iOS games than on your console and you happen to have bought half of Apple’s consumer electronic line, Joypad might be worth a look. The catalog of games for the iPad may be small at the moment, as the SDK is relatively new, but it will surely expand as developers begin to incorporate support into their games.


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