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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Add Seconds to Your Lockscreen With LockSecondsIndicator

LockSecondsIndicator isn’t the first tweak that adds seconds to your lockscreen clock, but it just might be the best.
A while back, I reviewed a similar tweak entitled ClockSeconds. That tweak attempted to do something similar, but it had its fair share of issues.

Does LockSecondsIndicator fair any better? Look inside for the video evidence…
Unlike its precursors, LockSecondsIndicator succeds because the seconds actually refresh and update in real time. With the previously mentioned tweak, you had to put your iPhone to sleep in order to refresh the seconds. As you can probably imagine, that got old after the first few times.
Neither tweak is going to blow you out of the water, but if you’ve been looking for this simple functionality, LockSecondsIndicator is a good choice. There’s also the do it all paid tweak called Springtomize, which includes this function, along with a bevy of other customizations.
If your iPhone is jailbroken, feel free to hop on Cydia, and download this tweak from the BigBoss repo.


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