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Friday, January 28, 2011

Tip: Instruction to Stop Text From Appearing Over Your iPod Album Artwork

Annoyed by text appearing over your album artwork in your iPod app? What about all that description junk that usually appears over podcasts? Whenever you tap on your song/podcast’s album cover, the time “scrubber” drops down with other settings like shuffle and repeat.
Depending on your song/podcast’s metadata, tapping the album artwork could also result in text being displayed over the artwork. You can download songs with lyric or credit info in the description. Lots of podcasts use this window to display episode descriptions and show notes.
Some people really like this feature of the iPod app. It does have its positives. However, if you find it annoying, we’ll show you how to easily hide text from appearing over your album artwork…
Seeing all that text every time you tap for the “scrubber” can get annoying. Luckily, turning it off is rather easy. What you need can be found in the Settings app.
Head over to Settings and tap the “iPod” option. Then, swipe the “Lyrics and Podcast Info” to “Off.” Your change is applied instantly and your iPod should now hide descriptions from showing over your pretty album artwork.
It really is that simple!
If you want to edit or remove text from a certain song or podcast, you can do so in iTunes by right clicking the song and clicking “Get Info.” Whatever is in the “Comments” section will be what shows when you tap on your album artwork in your iPhone’s iPod app.
Was this tip helpful for you? If you have any more interesting/favorite iPod tips, let us know in the comments below!


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