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Monday, January 3, 2011

Comex Untethered Jailbreak Saved for iOS 4.3 !

Now it's real ! Comex is saving his untethered hacks for iOS 4.3. Andrea Cervone of iPhoneItalia contacted the popular iPhone hacker Comex behind JailbreakMe and Spirit asking him about the release of his next jailbreak tool. Comex responded to the guy just the same as Steve Jobs. He's going to wait for Apple to release iOS 4.3 then push his next jailbreak to the world !

Cervone asking:
Just like Steve Job’s ones, I would like to really receive a short and direct answer to my question: your next tool will jailbreak ready for iOS 4.2.1 or the next iOS 4.3?

Comex replied:
Depends when 4.3 is out.
The e-mail address shown above in the screenshot is the same one he showed publicly on his Twitter account. Comex saved his jailbreak tool as the iPhone Dev Team has released a beta of their backup plan to untether iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak. Anyway, let's wait and see. Stay tuned !


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