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Friday, February 10, 2012

Unlock Baseband 4.11.08, (With some facts Needs to be known)-Hamzah_akram

Hello interested readers!
Before how to unlock your iPhone here is some fact needs to be known about unlocking.

"first of all I'M (Hamzah_Akram) not working for money or donations or followers, if you thinking that don't waste your time and continue reading this post"

Second, I spent too much time for failed trials of unlocking that baseband. how is hard to figure some steps to perform an achievement of unlocking my iPhone 4 "MC318LL" on IOS 5.0.1 while baseband 4.11.08. then i got fantastic results.

At the beginning of my work i found some people believing me. then just raised my work and taking that Seriously. and i done some researches about baseband characteristics (X-gold 618) which is operated by threadX. is a 'Labyrinth can be repainted' again and again ....

Since the number of followers has raised the has attention raised. Attacks of haters now are more than I expected to be. And some start faking everything.... do you asked yourself aPerplexing question? at least why are they faking it without seeing what I have, okay lets be more clear and starting mention some questions.

Question :
1- at the beginning of December MuscleNerd promised the folks an iPhone 4s unlock which is now two months ago and there is no word about it!... lets think deeply ? is that really ? Are you fucking kidding me? Where is it?!!... Now why he is not faker despite it's longer than my promise? can you ask yourself please? the answer is you won't feel that because you don't have the locked "iPod 4s" i mean like some people have a locked iPhone 4 outside its carrier country!

After all i got the correct answer of that! With some near apple sources that he is just promoting for iPhone 4s. he said to folks that ''there would be an iPhone 4s unlock! not for iPhone 4'' is that an excuse ? its been really fast to be friends with new chip ''MDM6610''. So the iPhone 4 with bb4.11.08 drop your hopes in nearest dumps, because there is no luck with it! then go and get the fuck of newest iP4s, so apple with its sales  can live! "that is the hidden policy" 

results >> MucleNerd you are not the Hero!


if make a simple researches of someone called Sherif hashim, you'll know that he never done anything about x-gold 618, he just fixed some crashes in the real time memory! And masked himself a hacker behind the unlock of all previous versions of baseband or sometimes "DOCTOR" are you fucking kidding me again ? DOCTOR or HACKER ? I'm sorry!

if have a some deep lock about this tweet he is just try to Win the heart of MuscleNerd!
another deep look >> he is just tell that noob guy that is the (CRC is the cyclical redundancy check).. harry up and find out!..

(You make me laugh Doctor!)

You don't have any idea! About how the hell is going!
Common wake up! They just skipping the unlock 4.11 and starting fighting who try! to force people to buy an iPhone 4s.


Another thing you must know the Series of Jailbreaking is sponsored by apple itself!

how ?? do you remember when the fix of iBooks released of redsnow and corona update i think it was 9b4 redsnow.. after 16 hours the update of iBooks released in appstore!.. kindly apple i don't have that mind to believe that was a Coincidence! apple?? fuck you! 500$ for useless iPhone 4!

Dear followers ... think again!....

Read this and give your opinion!

Dear websites just copy this post before it reported and deleted!

just Wait another post maybe help full for some MC318LL..

i just unlocked another iPhone 4 with a simple way! i post it today when i have some readers in this post!

follow me at @Hamzah_akram


Post from my iPad 2


  1. Prove your self. Ignore others..... That is spirit

  2. Dear Sheriff, Good Work always will have more oppositions.
    Keep up your good works for all people who really need ur kind support.

    thanks a Lot