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Sunday, December 18, 2011

TinyCFW Windows Fix Maximum Heap Size Error {HOW TO }

For those using yesterday's TinyCFW release to downgrade iPad 2 to iOS 4.3.3 and are running into issues with the executable there is a fix you can try below. For me I got the error " jvm could not start-the maximum heap size (-Xms) might be too large or a antivirus is blocking the execution." Since i didn't have a firewall or anti-virus running I knew that wasn't the problem. Below you can find the fix I used:

Start - Control Panel - System - Advanced system settings

Advanced (tab) and click on "Environment Variables"

Under "User variables.." click on "New"

Then add :

For Variable name = _JAVA_OPTIONS
For Variable value = -Xmx1g

For Mac users, you can just use the jar file, be sure to rename the jar file to tinycfw.jar and then run it normally.

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