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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

iPhone 5 features

We have latest news from Apple Event. The director of international marketing of Apple company said that: the new iPhone called iPhone 5 is made entirely from Glass and Aluminum. iPhone 5 is the most beautiful device absolutely. It is the slimmest device at all between all our devices.

weighs is 112 grams. Screen Density is 326PPI and screen type Retina.

It is lighter than iPhone 4S 20% .

The screen is 4 inches (as in the rumors) and the display resolution is 640*1136 pixel.

width to length ratio is 16:9

We have expanded the size of the device so that it is consistent with the size of user's hands, we have succeeded in adding a fifth line from icons on the screen and we have completely updated its software. The old applications will appear in the center of the screen until  we update it in App Store. We will fill the rest of the screen with black tape from top and bottom until update the apps.

Touch sensors is embedded inside the display. We removed a layer from the screen and made it thinner than before. Display looks better than before.

We have included the technology called Ultra Fast Wireless which is the fastest wireless. We have added DC-HSDPA, SPA and added possibility of contact from fourth-generation networks. we have added a new voice chip called "Valdata" and the radio chip, and we have developed the Dynamic Antenna.

Wi-Fi speed became 5 MHz and 2.4 MHz via 802.11n.

The battery is very powerful and stronger than battery of iPhone 4S.

It is enough for 8 hours of calls, 8 hours of Internet browsing, ten hours of wireless connectivity via "Wi-Fi" , ten hours of watching a video, 40 hours of listening to music, and 225 hours in Stand Bay.

Camera quality is 8 mega pixel as in previous iPhone 4S, resolution is 3264*2448 pixels and it is smaller than the iPhone 4S 25%.

We have improved the camera. You can take photos in low-light conditions. Respond of the camera became faster, less noise and speeder.

We have added a new app Photo Streams in iOS 6 and the beautiful app Panorama.

Resolution of video capture is 1080p. It became more stable and we have added identifying faces feature to it. You can take pictures while filming video.

We have provided iPhone 5 with three microphones in the down, front and back. The microphone size became less than the previous 20%.

We have provided it with headphones noise-free, WideBand Audio, These Digital headphones are smaller and stronger than iPhone 4S 80%.

We have provided iPhone 5 with Dock connector called Lightning. It is smaller than the previous iPhones. Do not worry,it will be suitable for the plug of the previous charger.

The new device will run the latest version of the operating system iOS 6. We have designed this version specifically for iPhone 5.

GPS: If we clicked 3D button, we will be able to watch the place in 3D mode.

We have added new improvements to Safari browser. You can use full screen mode which includes iCloud Tabs. You can return to it from any Apple device through the account of the same person.

iOS 6 has many new services such as PassBook a digital service for cards. There is the possibility of the images-Share.

Siri: We have added improvements to it. Siri became able to suggest you movies to see it. Siri can reply your request such as: "Siri tell me where there is a sushi restaurant which works between fourth and eight o'clock in the evening?". Siri also became integrated with Facebook.

If you can not answer the calls, you can replace respond with sending SMS to the caller automatically.

Colors of iPhone 5 will be black and white . The black iPhone 5 has black frame from Aluminum, while white iPhone 5 has black display and its frame is not white.

The prices are the same prices of iPhone 4S.

199$ for 16 GB memory.
299$ for 32 GB memory.
399$ for 64 GB memory.

iPhone 3GS will not be sold in any Apple stores. Only iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 will be sold in Apple stores.

Registration for supplying the new device will be launched on 14/09/2012 . iPhone 5 will appear in markets on September 21 in United States, Canada, England, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The device will be launched in a new group of countries on September 28, so that iPhone 5 will arrive 100 countries gradually in December.

iOS 6 will be launched on September 19.

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