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Thursday, September 6, 2012

I am really expecting a new iPod touch on 12th September 2012, what about you?


According to 9to5Mac, Apple may be releasing new iPods at next week's event alongside the new iPhone. Details on the changes coming in these new iPods are currently scarce, but 9to5Mac believe that there will be at least two new/updated iPod lines and possibly a third.

All these new lines will come in multiple colors, one of the lines will come in two size capacities, and the other two lines will come in a single storage capacity.

With the current iPod nanos and iPod shuffles both available in multiple colors (and with the nano currently available in two capacities and the shuffle in one), we think it is likely that new iPod nanos and iPod shuffles are launching next week.

However, it is possible that there is a third line as well (that, too, comes in multiple colors). With the iPod touch currently available in two colors and three capacities (black/white, 8GB, 32GB, 64GB), we don't believe the iPod touch is the third line that comes in multiple colors.

The site feels it will be the iPod nanos and iPod shuffles that get updated next week and believes that the third line may have to do with a recently rumored oblong shaped device. Although, this device was thought to be the new iPod nano, the site suggests it will be a separate device.


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