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Sunday, July 1, 2012

How To SIM Unlock HTC One S On Android 4.0.3 ICS


The HTC Sensation has a sim unlock code on /dev/block/mmcblk0p6.
This was found and exploited months ago by Sensation users.
For the One S, HTC have decided to get a bit sneaky. The code still exists on the same block but they have encrypted the actualSIM unlock code by adding a key generated from the phone's IMEI number.
This method uses the IMEI number to calculate the key which can then be subtracted to give a working SIM unlock code.

Thanks to contributions from various users, we now have 3 different methods of obtaining your SIM unlock code. 
All are tested and confirmed to work on all versions of the HTC One S.

Method 1 (details below) requires no downloads and takes about 5 minutes.
Method 2 uses the first step of method 1 and then a small executable program on a Windows PC to do the calculation.
Method 3 requires the download of a Bash Script but fully automates the procedure.

All methods require Root.

It is possible that the 'strings' command referred to in the text will only work if you have Busybox installed. If you are already using a custom ROM, you will probably have this. If you are on a rooted Stock ROM and cannot execute the strings command, try installing Busybox first. 
Any feedback on this issue would be welcomed in the thread.

Methods 2 and 3 can be found in Post 2.


To find your SIM UNLOCK CODE you need:

1) Root
2) Android Terminal Emulator (free from the market)
3) Your IMEI number (dial *#06# on your dialler)

There are 4 steps to the process:

1) Obtain your UN_lock_code from your phone
2) Calculate the key from your IMEI number
3) Subtract (2) from (1)
4) Unlock your phone

Step 1

Obtain your UN_lock_code from your phone as follows:

Open the Terminal Emulator app and type:

su [enter]
strings -n 8 /dev/block/mmcblk0p6 [enter]

It will output several lines of data (including your IMEI number)
One of the lines will be [eg] UN_Lock_code=063312345

Make a note of this number (This is NOT your SIM unlock code)!

Step 2

Make a key from your IMEI number:

a) Write down the last 7 digits of your IMEI number in this format: 1234 567

b) Reverse the 2 blocks: 567 1234

c) Add a 4th digit X: 567 X 1234 where:

X = the sum of the first 3 digits (If the sum is 2 digits, write only the 2nd digit)

[5 + 6 + 7 = 18 in the example above so X = 8]

[if the sum is 3X = 3]
[if the sum is 17X = 7]
[if the sum is 25X = 5] etc.

Using the above IMEI number we get:

567 8 1234 (= the key)

Step 3

Perform a simple sum.

UN_Lock_code [step 1] – key [step 2] = SIM UNLOCK CODE

e.g. 063312345 - 56781234 = 6 531 111

This needs to be an 8-digit number, so add a zero at the beginning if necessary


Step 4

Unlock your phone

a) Remove your SIM card (no need to turn off the phone)
b) Insert alternate SIM card
c) When prompted, enter SIM UNLOCK CODE obtained from step 3
d) Reboot when instructed

Please hit the thanks button! 

METHOD 2 - Semi Automatic

Windows PC.

For this method follow step (1) from the above instruction to obtain your UN_Lock code

You can then download this app which will automate the calculation process.

Enter your UN_Lock code and the last 7 digits of your IMEI number and press the 'OK' button. 
Your SIM Unlock code will be shown in the bottom box.

METHOD 3 - Fully Automatic

a) Download this Bash Script
b) Extract the zip
c) Move the to /system/ (it will not run from the sdcard due to Android restrictions)
d) Open terminal and run:

su <enter>
/system/ <enter>

(Or execute the .sh file directly from root explorer)

The SIM Unlock code will be shown in the terminal and also saved to /sdcard/sim_unlock_code.txt


This is not all my own work! 
Several people have contributed to this thread. If you appreciate their work, please hit the thanks button in their posts as well.

Method 1 

Thank you to jh787 for this post. He was the first guy to compare the UN_Lock_code to his real (paid-for) sim unlock code. 
I just tweaked the idea to find the mysterious X (and provided this guide).
Thanks also to jh787mycomputerisjunkrh387 and eneka who provided me with their actual unlock codes. 
This allowed me to work out how to calculate the key and validate the method.

Method 2 

Many thanks to Josnaro for the code and Wel1973 for the translation (this post).

Method 3 

Bash script courtesy of WCCobra in this post

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