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Friday, June 15, 2012

Redsn0w to Downgrade 6.15 Baseband coming This Sunday

Redsn0w 0.9.13 b1 to Downgrade 6.15 Baseband coming This Sunday . Redsn0w To Downgrade 06.15 baseband on iPhone 3G /3GS Coming This Sunday –  A few days ago MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev-team reported that he has made a great progress regarding downgrade for 06.15 buggy baseband for iPhone 3G /3GS, today you will be glad to know that MuscleNerd confirmed that he will use Redsnow to downgrade 06.15 baseband this according to his tweet

MuscleNerd yep the 6.15 bb downgrade will just be anther new button in redsnow

Musclenerd also hinted about the release date of Redsnow to downgrade 6.15 baseband to be this Funday / Sunday.

MscleNerd I'm aiming for Funday/Sunday for releasing the downgrade from 06.15, but that's very much subject to possible delay

As always, this releasing date is not the final release date MuscleNerd said that he is aiming which means not confirmed, any way stay tuned

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