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Friday, June 22, 2012

iOS 6 Beta Baseband Updated for iPhone 4 [4.12.02], 4S [2.8.01] & 3GS [5.16.06]

Here's the updated baseband version for all iOS 6 supported iPhones:

  • iPhone 4  – 4.12.02
  • iPhone 4S – 2.8.01
  • iPhone 3GS – 5.16.06
  • iPhone 5 – ??

The biggest revision is the baseband for iPhone 4S which has been updated from the current version 2.0.12. This probably means the exploits used for Gevey Ultra S will be blocked permanently. We still have no idea what's the hardware going to be for iPhone 5, so at the moment there's no information on the baseband version.

If you don't have an official unlock, you should stay away from any beta software update because there's no method available to preserve your baseband or to unlock new baseband.

For iPhone 4 users (maybe iPhone 4S too), if you have either baseband 4.11.08 or 4.12.01 which can't be unlocked, you CAN actually test drive iOS 6 beta. Since Apple is still signing iOS 5.1.1, you can always downgrade the iOS and the baseband gets downgraded too.

SAM unlock method may work as long as SAM pref is fully supported on iOS 6; provided that Apple didn't setup a way of blocking this method. Since iOS 6 beta jailbreak is only available for developers, that means unlockers need to wait as well.

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