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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Highlights of MuscleNerd’s ‘Evolution of The iPhone Baseband And Unlocks’ Presentation

MuscleNerd is one of the most prominent members of the jailbreak community, and his vast knowledge has helped the iPhone Dev Team continue to update and improve its Redsn0w utility in the progressive cat and mouse battle. Apart from jailbreaking, MuscleNerd and other Dev Team members continue to dabble in the unlocking game as well, and with the Cupertino's sought-after device mostly sold subsidized – i.e. locked under a contractual agreement with a carrier – there are plenty of iPhone users on the lookout for an unlock.

MuscleNerd – like most devs in and around the Cydia fray – does most of his communication via the wonderful world of Twitter, but in anticipation for the HITB Security Conference, or HITBSecConf, he has produced a pretty lengthy, detailed presentation on the history and evolution of baseband unlocks during the course of the last few years.

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