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Monday, April 2, 2012

Fix Apps Stuck on “Waiting” on your iDevices

Fix Apps Stuck on "Waiting" on your iPhone / iPod /  iPad . The iOS 5 from Apple is perhaps the best from Apple which has been delivered till date but still the same can create certain problems for the Apple users in form of being apps stuck on 'waiting' to install in iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The problem mainly occurs in iOS 5/5.0.1 and iOS 5.1.

It is obvious that one needs to reboot the iPhone once the up gradation has been executed and it is upon the reboot that the problem starts to persist.

 What is the problem?

The problem is observed when the applications are accessed in the iPhone. The problem is that the applications do not launch with a tap, rather the applications have the same indication of being held at 'waiting' which eliminates the chances of using any of the app and thus making the phone limited in use. One may try to reboot and fix it, but the same is also of no use as the phone will again show the same symptoms. In such a case, one must be thinking about how to Fix Apps Stuck on 'Waiting' to Install. Well here is a brief analysis of what the problem is actually like to be and its solution.

The Issue:

* There is only one single issue in form of Apps Stuck on 'Waiting' to Install in iOS.

Here's the Solution when Apps stuck on 'Waiting' to install:

There are basically three suggestions for such a problem in form of,

* Erasing huge application files which might well be the hindrance for installation of other apps.
* Pause or conclude any wedged download which is currently present in downloads section of the iTunes.
* Erase and reinstall all the existing app on the iPhone on one by one basis (which is basically in form of manual)

If these steps are followed, the same can very well lead to a solution for the iOS 5 Bugs. If problem still continues to persist, one can also take help from the Apple's discussion forum which shall also have the opinion of the experts from the house of Apple.

It shall also be noticed that all of the three listed Apps Stuck on 'Waiting' to Install Solution, need not be applied at the same time. Moreover, any one of them can solve the problem, so when you go and have a try, pick one up and try it, if it works, success is yours, if not move on to the next solution.


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