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Saturday, April 14, 2012

AT&T Skype number +18003310500 is toll free . Go and call them to Unlock your iPhone 4.

If you have an at&t iPhone , and you are out side USA you can call them at +18003310500 and press 1 then pres 0 and wait the Person if a male , drop the call , And try again to get a female the ask for unlock and tell them that is a full price from friend , and the will create a case once the case created thanks that lady and she'll give you the case number (that means the request is success ).

After 48 hours deactivate your iPhone via redsnow and put your unofficial SIM CARD and connect the iTunes and it will say that is unlocked . 

I haven't waited the 5-7 days.



  1. Wow!! It seems to be good information. I hope this toll free number can be useful for me in future, if any problem occur with my I-phone.

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