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Saturday, April 14, 2012

AT&T iPhone Unlock FAQ.

Hello , if you are having iPhone and seeking to unlock it via IMEI for Free just follow this steps and Get the right answers for your questions.

If you are a current Customer Please visit this link .

if not and you are not inside usa , here is the solution.

1. Using Skype call the at&t customer support Number at +18003310500

wait the customer support and press 1 then press 0 and wait the Real person .

2. Talk with customer support agent honestly and tell them that you are needing to unlock your at&t iPhone.

3.they will ask you about your at&t wireless number and your name , tell them your Name. and you are not a current customer. and you don't have a number.

4. give them your iPhones IMEI number . and the will make a brief check and will ask your email to notify if your unlock approved.

5. They will tell you about your iPhone if that is Eligible or not , if yes they will give you a case number.

6. They will ask you about transfer iPhone Payment proof "Ebay letter , Iphone Contract , or Paypal " and fax it with your IMEI and your name and Email address and your case number.

7. just Fax it using Faxzero for 1.99$ and make sure that is the your name is the cover page and other one is the Payment invoice ".

8. if you don't have a proof of purchase, just wait you are nut got your unlock within 7 days , call them again an ask the status of your case number.

to unlock use redsnow  and deactivate your iPhone and put your unofficial SIM Card  and connect to iTunes.


Q: who is  eligible ?
A: who paid a full price iPhone , and ended contract and who paid ETF "early termination fee"

Q: I got my iPhone from "Ebay , Craiglist ,amazon " and i Don't know what is my iPhone Statues ?
A: call at&t and ask for unlock , they will tell you your iPhone Statues.

Q: how to call at&t if I'm out side us ?
A: use skype and call toll free number at +18003310500 , skype banned ?! use Yahoo.

Q: I'm not English native , and im very weak to understand or talk english, what to do ?
A: ask your Friend for help .

Q: Does My Baseband affect the unlock ?
A: no the baseband will not be a problem since its official unlock , and for ever!

Q: Does any other carrier iPhones will be unlocked using at&t ?
A: No , At&T have a full recoreds about IMEI number database and they will know if that is not an At&t iPhone.

Q:what is the time to get your iPhone unlocked ?
A: 2 Days to 7 days.

Q: I'm Eligible and i get a case number but i still not getinng an at&t approval Email , What should I do ?
A: check your iPhone if its unlocked , using redsnow or "setting>rest> REst network settings > and put your sim card and connect iTunes.

Q: how many iPhones can i unlock?
A: every eligible iPhone.

Post from my iPad 2


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