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Friday, March 9, 2012

Tether Releases HTML5 Web App To Allow Tethering From iDevices, No Jailbreak Required

The creators of iTether are announcing something big today. Tether is launching a new HTML5 web app for the iPhone that lets you tether your 3G-enabled iPhone or iPad to any wireless-enabled device. No monthly fee. No jailbreak required.

"It was clear from our initial application iTether, there was enormous demand within the iPhone ecosystem," says Tim Burke, CEO of Tether. "It was unfortunate that Apple decided to remove our application, only 20 hours after we launched. However, this caused us to innovate. Our underlying patent-pending technology behind Tether for iPhone is unlike anything on the market.

Unlike any other tethering solution (unsupported or otherwise) out there, Tether's new app is entirely web-based. You don't need to buy the app in the App Store or the jailbreak Cydia store. It creates a wireless connection over AdHoc that any device can connect to. keeps data safely encrypted, and operates wirelessly – unlike its previous solution.

To get started with it, we've compiled a simple step-by-step tutorial. It works for both Windows and OS X, the only difference between the installation process is your desktop file:

Step 1: Sign up to the service here, and download the desktop app applicable to your OS (Windows or Mac).

Step 2: Open the desktop app, follow the steps to create an Ad-Hoc network on your PC or Mac, and connect to the network from your iPhone (in Settings).

Step 3: Go to on your device, and tap in your credentials.

Step 4: Your device and your computer should communicate (you will see packet data being sent and received), and from then, you're good to go.

Couple of last pointers – it also works with the iPad 2, and does not require a jailbreak. Indeed, it doesn't make the slightest bit of difference whether you're jailbroken or not.

As part of the launch promotion, the new Tether service will be available for $15/year through the end of next week. It will then cost $30/year. More information can be found on the Tether website.

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